The Karma Conjunction

In Chinese, 因为 … 所以 … (yīnwèi … suǒyǐ…) ‘because … therefore … ‘ is known as 因果连词(yīnguǒ liáncí)–the karma conjunction.  Well, ok, it’s really probably better translated as the cause and effect conjunction, but karma is the same word, and karma conjunction is much catchier.  Maybe English speakers would be more inspired to study grammar if we had more interesting names for grammatical terms.  The past perfect subjunctive (“if only I had sent her flowers, maybe she would have forgiven me.”) could be the “get over it already” mood, for example.  And I bet people would be much more likely to remember what that was than a past perfect subjunctive anyway.

1 Response to “The Karma Conjunction”

  1. 1 staples May 28, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Heehee. that last bit made me laugh. Thanks for the interesting term. I am definitely referring to past perfect subjunctive as the “get over it already mood.” Though in spanish they have a pretty cool word for it: “pluscuamperfecto”

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